Sunday, January 1, 2017

Welcome to 2017.  Two weeks of vacation almost done for the boys, along with the flu and a very subdued Christmas.  Boys are pretty much well, I'm still struggling somewhat.  This was a scaled down celebration, even with that, I should have started much earlier and finished sooner.  Not our best Christmas, but it needed to be done.  Hopefully next year can involve some travel, something we've wanted to do for quite some time and never seem to manage.  I'm planning to take this next semester off from school and work on the house and enjoy the last semester of Lucas's senior year.  Possibly look for a part time job too, college is looming and it's not cheap.  C managed to talk to most of his relatives.  I'm driving to see my mother and the grandies this week.  I guess I mainly logged on to record my goals for the new year (haha).  Also to try to leave some clues to boost my memory when we look back on these days.  Talking with my husband, there are some times that we seem to remember every little detail, and others that neither one of us have a clue about.  I hope to write more often to keep a record to fill in those blanks we're sure to have one day.

So in no particular order:

* Declutter and keep the house in order
* Get healthier
* Take care of house maintenance, finish painting, gutters, and flowerbeds.  Replace

bedroom floors.
* Travel more.
* Start reading again, I've been too burned out from reading textbooks.
* Bake again too
* Stay on budget
* Spend way less dining out, special occasions.