Saturday, December 1, 2012


Pups should have her own blog, most of my phone pics are of her :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


1997 by cmamcon
1997 a photo by cmamcon on Flickr.

I've been uploading old pics to my computer/cloud... wow, time goes by so fast. Both of these kiddos are in college, a junior and freshman! Crazy..

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bird nest we saw while hiking

We went hiking a couple of weeks ago at Turkey Mountain. I'd never been there, the trails were very nice. We're planning to go back soon!

I was thinking about exercise yesterday.  And for some reason started thinking about my Dad.  I don't think he ever did any formal exercise.  No running, walking, weights, jumping jacks... maybe back when he was a schoolboy, but probably not after.  He was always fairly fit, and never overweight, often leaning toward being underweight.  He just lived a fairly active lifestyle.  He was always outside working on cars or equipment during his time off. He was an electrician, so it wasn't a super strenuous job keeping him fit. (more active than a desk job, but still not like a loading dock!)  Just one of those things that dawned on me and made me think :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Bosco! by cmamcon
Bosco! a photo by cmamcon on Flickr.
My Bosco of the week picture. See the black dog in the background? Wonder why she's never in the picture fully, or she's turned away, or blurry? Yeah, she never holds still for pictures. I'm going to catch her sleepy and get a good picture :)

My Christmas Amarylis

Camera Roll-8 by cmamcon
Camera Roll-8 a photo by cmamcon on Flickr.

It grew really tall, like crazy tall, but it did bloom and is beautiful, four blooms!


Camera Roll-14 by cmamcon

One of my favorite mugs.... I've started using smaller cups, three small cups instead of two larger ones.  Hotter coffee, and it feels indulgent :)  (third cup of coffee? why, sure!)  

Tomorrow is back to school for the kids, it's going to be hard to get back on schedule!  I've gotten up fairly early the last few days, and I'm dragging the kids out of bed this morning, so they can sleep tonight.  They still slept past nine, so they should be able to function today :)

I have a lot of  'goals' for the new year, so I'm trying to get organized and actually accomplish a few!  One of the main ones is to take more pictures, and use them in some way (blog, flickr, facebook....)  I grew up with parents who didn't take pictures.... I probably have less then twenty pictures total of my childhood, and no baby pictures whatsoever!   I want my kids to have those pictures to prompt memories, and for me too, for someday when I'm old :)

I also want to get to the beach this year, I've had this on my wish list for a long time.  The younger kids were babies when we saw the ocean last, they have no memories of it.  And I want to see mountains.  I see camping or cheap Pricelined hotels this summer :)  The last couple of years have been hectic and hard, planning and working to make this one  nicer.

Camera Roll-14 a photo by cmamcon on Flickr.